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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at ACI Adjustment Group is to protect the policyholder. Many home and business owners are unaware that they have thousands of dollars that are rightfully due to them. Millions of dollars are left on the table and not paid each year by the insurance companies to homeowners and business owners due to a lack of knowledge and expertise! Along with assisting with claims, we are also dedicated to bringing awareness and educating the general public on the various coverages included in their policy. ACI Adjustment Group is here to help.

Our Values

ACI Adjustment Group embodies the values of honesty, integrity, and above all else the experience and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to make sure our clients receive the settlement they need to make necessary repairs. We work around the clock to ensure that we can settle our claims as quickly as possible, while still recovering a maximum settlement - and we keep YOU informed along the way. Transparency paired with a personalized experience ensures each and every one of our clients has the peace of mind they deserve.

Our History

From our humble beginnings to our national expansion, ACI Adjustment Group has grown along with our repeat customers. ACI Estate Inc. was initially started in 2004 and originally began with a senior home checkup program called “Home CheckUp.” This program was designed to keep senior citizen’s homes safe and secure and to additionally find any damage to their property that was unknown to them. This rapidly grew to what we know today as ACI Adjustment Group, a company with international ambitions and clients from coast to coast.

Our Future

Along with the progression of national expansion, a substantial project we are developing is ACI Adjustment Group’s proprietary estimating software. This estimating program utilizes and updates the most current and accurate pricing of goods and services and is based on thirteen different categories which include hundreds of thousands of specific variations. Our software will include each and every type of potential property damage. All the way from multi million dollar commercial properties to your backyard shed, we have you covered. ACI is also a pioneer in internet adjusting with goals to be able to handle any claim, anywhere in the world. In addition, two future goals of ours are to bring ACI Adjustment Group public and service clients on an international scale.

Awards & Achievements

UPenn Wharton
UPenn Wharton
100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Philadelphia (ACI Estate, Inc.)
Inc. 500
Inc. 500
2008 & 2009
500 Fastest Growing Businesses in USA (ACI Estate, Inc.)
Insurance Agents United Assoc.
Insurance Agents United Assoc.
Gold Medal Winner (1st Place) based on 5 claims settling criteria (ACI Estate, Inc.)